New year, new season…

Are you ready for Ibiza’s 2018 booking season?

With the festive holidays now officially behind us, there’s a real sense of excitement in the air with people getting ready for the 2018 season here in Ibiza. For those who managed to catch Privadia’s 2017 Round-up you’ll already be aware of the many developments we currently have underway and with all that in mind, excitement is also in abundance at Privadia HQ as all hands are on deck ready for this years booking season.

But more importantly, are you ready for this year’s influx of Ibiza enquiries? Whether that’s a confident yes or an uncomfortable no, here’s a quick check-list of the key areas that we feel need to be in place in order to maximise the potential in Ibiza this year.

1. The facts

The booking season won’t wait for any of us, so first things first let’s understand what you need to be ready for and when.

To help with this we have taken the booking averages from the last 5 years and have shown how Ibiza typically shapes up in regards to when people are committing to their holidays.

Percentage of total bookings generated and when

Oct-Dec – 7.2%
Jan – 8.3%
Feb – 8.75%
Mar – 13.25%
Apr – 13%
May – 19%
Jun – 11%
Jul – 9.75%
Aug – 6%
Sep – 3.75%

The good news is that you still have time to take advantage of Ibiza’s 2018 peak booking season and with demand at an all-time high and our average weekly villa rental being €20,000, this presents a significant opportunity for increased revenues.

2. Update your inventory & 2018 Rates ASAP

Whether you update and upload new properties to your website manually or you’re able to integrate via our API and XML, it is critical that your Ibiza villa portfolio and 2018 rental rates are up-to-date.

Just some of our new properties

Palmeras Jesus – 6 beds

Finca Can Basso – 6 beds

Lujo Supremo – 6 beds

Monte Cala Moli – 5 beds

Sunset Paradise – 6 beds

In addition, the team here in Ibiza have worked tirelessly over the winter months to collate as much information about our properties as possible and we urge you to take advantage of this in order to stay one step ahead of your competitors. The more information you can provide to potential customers, the more confidence they have in you and the property itself. Not only does this increase the chances of them booking, more importantly, it increased the chances of them booking through you.

If you are an existing partner and not sure if you have our latest villa listings please get in touch ASAP. New partners looking to gain access to our portfolio please click here.

3. Dedicated Marketing Strategy for Ibiza

Based on the booking season trends above, it is clear that in order to get the best out of this year’s season, key marketing activity should be prepared and ready to run regularly in March, April and May. But naturally, any teaser campaigns and promotions you can do prior and in between will also help to boost your enquiries.

Whether you’re running Google PPC to attract new customers or regular email campaigns to an existing client base, please note that we are very keen to support you as much as possible with your marketing. From new listings and special offers through to local knowledge and key events, please feel free to lean on us for content. We can even help you to devise a month to month marketing schedule, ensuring you have all the information you need to deliver impressive ‘Ibiza campaigns’ via your channels.

Please contact for more information.

4. Speedy responses to open enquiries

In today’s world speed is key and just a few minutes in response time could make the difference as to whether you win or lose a booking.

Grab the competitive advantage by using Privadia’s Agency Portal.

Using real-time availability data and our simple search tools, finding suitable options for your clients is super quick and gives you the means to reply within minutes, not hours or days. Responding to your Ibiza enquiries could not be easier or faster.

If you’re an existing partner and do not yet have access to our portal please contact for more info. New partners, please apply here.

To summarise…

  • If you’re able to move quickly, you can still take advantage of the peak booking season which doesn’t kick in until March.
  • Using Privadia’s onboarding tools such as our API and XML, updating our property inventory could be done in a matter of days. Please contact us for more info.
  • With support from Privadia, we can work together to devise a marketing strategy that works for you, whatever your resource and budget. Talk to us!

To discuss any of the points raised above, please feel free to contact Harvey at

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Written by Daniel Gleeson

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