Thanks for a great 2016 season!

Salut y gracias! Two words from the Privadia team, extended out to all of our partners, customers, owners, agents and everyone in between. Together we made 2016 a fantastic season and we’re genuinely grateful to everyone involved.

As the Ibiza season comes to an end and our hard working staff attempt to switch off for a few days to enjoy the paradise island, for the very reasons they fell in love with it in the first place, we now reflect on the high octane happenings of yet another 22 weeks of hustle and bustle.

We’ve seen some interesting developments take place, from the closing of the iconic Space nightclub through to the continued growth in excessive luxury tourism and also the government clamp down on rental property licensing. Whatever the case, Ibiza never fails to make the headlines and this year has been no different with the island standing stronger than ever as a prime holiday destination.

In regards to Privadia, we couldn’t be happier about how the season has unfolded. We’re extremely thankful for the positive responses we received further to our rebrand from Stay Ibiza to Privadia back in March. Business has since gone from strength to strength and our unique B2B service has resonated exactly how we hoped it would amongst our customers.

We have formed some fantastic new partnerships, both on and off island and as a result, the Privadia brand is gaining significant traction. In particular, we’re extremely proud to now be the preferred supplier of luxury villas for the majority of our agents. For the record, their words, not ours, but extremely flattering and confidence building as we move into 2017.   

Statistics wise, it’s been a really interesting season. We increased the number of bookings by approx. 40%, but our overall revenue has more than doubled. Our average weekly rental has also more than doubled, coming in at an average of €20k per week. This shows that our focus remains on the higher end luxury market.

Our new owner app also launched this year. This handy tool is a great way for our owners to keep us up to date with their latest availability. Specifically, we’re excited about the sharing feature we have included which allows them to share their availability with their own contacts (other agents, house managers, cleaners etc), as well as Privadia. Please click here if you would like to learn more about the app.

Privadia Property Sales launched in September too. Jason Ham, formerly Head Of Business Development at Lucas Fox was brought into the team and has already made some solid traction with the new division. With many top properties on the island already listed we openly invite potential buyers, brokers and collaborators to get in touch with any sales opportunities. Any owners out there looking to sell their property can also find out more about our services here.

So, to conclude, it’s been a very positive and productive season. A new brand, new partners, more properties, new departments and some healthy growth to keep things ticking along.

However, as cliche as this may sound, none of what we do is possible without the ongoing support from our customers and from everyone at Privadia, thank you so much!

Here’s to the winter months and the 2017 season!

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Written by Daniel Gleeson

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