The Island Awakes

Ibiza’s 2017 summer season is heating up…

Like a baby turtle hatching from it’s egg, within only two weeks of the new year you can already feel Ibiza’s 2017 summer season heating up.

What only feels like yesterday, Ibiza’s 2016 season came to an end with the touristic side to the Island snuggling up into deep hibernation. The beaches become vacant, the roads and parking spaces are easily accessed, the temperature cools and the local residents seem that little bit happier as they start to feel more at home again.

For most this will continue for at least a couple more months, but for anyone involved in the luxury holiday rental market, it’s the earlier months of the year when things really start to heat up. Christmas and New Years is over with and everybody’s focus shifts towards planning their summer holidays. 

The sense of hustle and bustle is certainly upon us. Villa maintenance teams are making starts on those all important repairs and improvements, new features are being added to properties to help them maintain the standards that high end VIP clients expect and new working partnerships are being formed amongst the pro-active to help secure the success of yet another memorable Ibiza season.

We’re seeing a 19% increase in enquiries and bookings compared to January 2016. Calendars seem to be filling quicker with a handful of our villas already fully booked for the season. Requests seems to be converting into bookings with less deliberation and already it seems there’s a healthy sense of urgency amongst both the on-island and off-island villa rental agencies we partner with.

A higher percentage of Villa Owners are also coming across more savvy than in previous years, trusting the calendar patterns and adapting their pricing accordingly. For example, we have received more rate reductions for the early weeks of the season compared to last year and Owners also seem to be more amenable to accepting deals for what are historically the quieter weeks of the season.

As the demand grows for luxury in Ibiza, it will be very interesting to see how 2017 unfolds. New and exciting businesses, the change in the nightlife landscape and an increase in the flawless delivery of super high end VIP services are all certain to happen. For us, our new ‘white label’ VIP check-in service has been extremely well received, particularly amongst our off-island agencies. Offering a branded experience for our agent’s helps them maintain their brand experience with their clients and more importantly, the client feels a sense of security, giving them peace of mind that Ibiza is a quality destination that they continue to visit.

To summarise, Ibiza is already moving fast for what is set to be another fantastic season. So much so, issue of supply and demand could prove to be a bigger problem than we’ve seen in recent years. In particular, as Ibiza continues to position itself as more than just a nightlife destination, demand for luxury seems to be more predominant that ever.

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Written by Daniel Gleeson

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