Lucas Fox team up with leading Ibiza rental agency, Privadia

Spain’s leading real estate agency Lucas Fox has signed an official partnership with Ibiza’s fastest growing luxury villa rental agency, Privadia.

The partnership was born out of a natural need for collaboration from both companies. Lucas Fox are receiving growing numbers of enquiries for high end luxury villa rentals in Ibiza and Privadia are regularly presented with opportunities in real estate.

The working relationship goes back a number of years, but the recent announcement makes the partnership official. It also goes hand-in-hand with a new office move from Privadia, who now share Lucas Fox’s Property Lounge in Santa Eulalia. Lucas Fox has also recently opened a second Ibiza office in Sant Jordi.

“Privadia embarked on a plan back in September 2016 to expand its brand into real estate” comments Harvey Mason, Privadia’s commercial director “Although we saw some notable success, we recognized that Privadia’s core business is in luxury villa rentals and that we cannot master both rentals and sales. Privadia started as a luxury rentals agency – that’s what we are experts in – and now we have a clear strategy to grow in that sector, so it made sense to hand over all our real estate sales opportunities to Lucas Fox”.

Privadia has sold more than twenty million euros worth of properties in Ibiza since September 2016- Es Vive Hotel being their largest transaction.

“This is a great opportunity for both Lucas Fox and for Privadia” adds Alexander Vaughan, co-founder of Lucas Fox “We both have established businesses in Ibiza and we already have a trusted working relationship. Making this more official is great news for both companies and we’re very excited to see this partnership come to fruition. Rather than competing, working in partnership makes much more sense for everyone involved”.

Rod Jamieson, Lucas Fox’s Managing Director adds “We have a number of exciting projects taking shape on the island and we’re already beginning to see the benefits of the partnership. We’re also very excited about the opportunity for our property owners to work with Privadia in order to rent out their villas, not just in the peak summer season but all year round. Working alongside a trusted and experienced brand and being able to offer a full service is another benefit for owners who are already working with us at Lucas Fox”.


Download the press release and image here.

Press contact: Daniel Gleeson – daniel @

Written by Daniel Gleeson

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