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With Privadia showing yet another year of overall growth along with an obvious increase in enquiries, we are proud to share some recent developments that have been taking place for one of our key staff members, Daniel. Daniel has been working on marketing and business development opportunities since starting in April and has created many new opportunities for our business. We caught up with him to find out how it’s all going and to get a bit of background about how he ended up living on this little island called Ibiza.

Your career so far has been pretty varied as we understand it. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Yeah, varied is definitely a word you can use! I have been working in marketing, sales and events since leaving university all those many years ago starting out life working on club nights around the UK. Having a strong love of music these roles allowed me to have a solid career job while working on one of my passions at the same time. After this, I started running my own events and club nights in London showcasing unsigned artists and bands at some of Londons most iconic venues including Proud Camden, 93 Feet East, Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen and The Lock Tavern. As the years passed by I wanted to move away from being in events and clubs 5 nights a week so started working for an online ticketing service called The Ticket Sellers based in Birmingham. I had a great time working for this company but when I was offered a position at worldwide review brand Yelp…it was something I simply could not turn down. I had a hugely successful time with the brand managing all marketing and sales activities for the company in the Birmingham region. After this, I had a short stint at a digital marketing agency in Birmingham before coming across an old job advert for a company called Privadia based in Ibiza…which links me onto the next question well actually…

What brought you to working with Privadia?

Having fallen in love with Ibiza in my early teens I had always wanted to work here but could never find the right role. Every now and again I would search for roles based on my experience but what the results I found were always quite limited. One day I stumbled across an advert which was a few months old on the Privadia blog….it sounded exactly like me and my experience so I decided to send a message regardless of the role probably being filled. Harvey, Commercial Director at Privadia contacted me and said he had been impressed with my application and skill set, and that he would like to have a bit more of a chat. This chat turned into an offer of freelance work, which turned into an offer to come over to Ibiza to work on a project for a one week period. Following the completion of the project I was offered and a full-time job and two weeks later I was here….in Ibiza…ready for my first day in the office!

What’s your current position at Privadia and tell us a bit more about that

Due to the fast and continued growth we have had as a company over the past 6 months, my role at Privadia has developed a lot since I first started. Initially, I was focusing purely on marketing and business development, whereas now I am also dealing with enquiries and bookings. Over recent months I have been tasked with adding new partners to our network, so it made sense for me to continue developing the relationships with these companies by also handling their requests. I am now their go-to guy for all things relating to Privadia and our portfolio, basically becoming a key account manager for some of our newest partners.

What does your day-to-day look like at Privadia

Step one is always coffee…without a doubt! Then its morning emails and answering any enquiries that may have come in. Agency partners generally need to tap into the local knowledge and experience to help them shortlist the best options for their potential client. The rest of my day can include marketing, onboarding more new partners, new enquiries or any other new projects we may be working on. One of the benefits of my role is that no two days are the same and working at Privadia can never be accused of being boring.

How is your role changing and what can owners/agents expect

Put simply, in addition to my marketing tasks, I will now be account managing some of our key partners. This also means I will have more regular contact with our property owners in order to push the bookings through smoothly. It’s something I am really looking forward to – getting to know both our agency partners and the owners of our 200+ strong property portfolio. It’s great to see that we’re steadily growing here at Privadia and it’s really satisfying to think I am playing a key role in these developments.

Privadia is a fast-growing company, how do you see your role continuing to develop

With the new addition of Mallorca coming very soon…who knows where my role could develop. I’m excited about the future and being part of team Privadia for a long time to come! The whole team are great to work with and the potential in such a forward-thinking company is huge.

Privadia Careers

Privadia is always looking for talented and passionate people to join our growing team. If you’re interested in working with us, please submit your CV or drop us an introduction email to

Written by Daniel Gleeson

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