THIRDHOME and Privadia form official partnership, helping vacation rental owners maximise value from their properties

Benefit from up to $10,000 of value as a result of the partnership, totally free.  

THIRDHOME is the premier luxury home exchange for second homeowners, those who share a mindset for luxury travel and exploration. By taking advantage of unused time in their second home, members are able to open the doors to countless other homes within ‘The Club’, experiencing a whole new way to travel. From jet setters to retirees and everything in between, THIRDHOME members are inspired by travel. THIRDHOME has evolved into the only travel brand that brings together a collective group of trusted second homeowners, renters and adventurers who share a passion for discovery and demand an elevated experience.

THIRDHOME Members deposit weeks in their home that would otherwise remain empty for other members to use. In return for those weeks, members earn travel credits called Keys. Keys are the currency of THIRDHOME that are used to reserve any available property without paying rental fees.

Privadia, a b2b marketplace platform that connects luxury travel professionals with Europe’s best vacation rentals works directly with 250+ second homeowners. Privadia has formed an official partnership with THIRDHOME which will provide owners with a unique way to maximise the weeks they don’t manage to rent out to guests.  

As a result of listing your property with Privadia, the initial sign up fee of $2,500 will be wavered and THIRDHOME is also offering a credit of 5 bonus Keys into their new member account towards their first trip. All in all, owners will benefit from approximately $10,000 of value as a result of the partnership. 

Discerning yet adventurous, THIRDHOME members want to travel without ever feeling like a traveler. They are always looking for new places to experience, and favorite places to make even more memorable. They love the hunt, love the discovery and love the luxury that The Club opens up for them… 

This partnership offers a wide range of exclusive benefits to second homeowners:

  • Over 10,500 home exchanges to choose from in 94 different countries
  • The initial sign up fee of $2,500 wavered when listing a property via Privadia
  • 5 bonus Keys with THIRDHOME towards a first exclusive trip when listing a property via Privadia
  • Benefit from approximately $10,000 of value 
  • Endless luxury travel experiences to choose from 
  • Take advantage of unused time in your second home

For more information on THIRDHOME and how their partnership with Privadia can benefit you as a property owner, you can contact us on

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We are also hosting a free webinar on Wednesday 29th July at 14:00 for anyone who is interested to learn more. Please click here to register. 

You will learn how an Ibiza villa owner Frank Martin who is also a THIRDHOME member and a recent Privadia investor has benefited from the THIRDHOME service, plus more details on the signup fee waiver, bonus keys and the onboarding process. 

Written by Privadia

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