Ibiza, Formentera & Mallorca re-open to international travellers from July onwards

The news we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Last week, the Spanish Government announced that the border will re-open for international travellers from July onwards, meaning people can still visit and enjoy the beautiful Balearic Islands this summer, 2020!

The news has brought a new energy to the islands. The summer season is still going ahead and we have already experienced a huge increase in new enquiries and bookings. Those unsure about whether they could still travel can now resume their holiday planning and there’s a real buzz from local business owners who are preparing for an influx of tourists, all eager to escape life in lockdown mode.

Are you ready? 

As part of our ongoing support we have teamed up with travel industry marketing experts “Invoke Media” to offer free consultation and a free marketing campaign for Privadia’s Travel Partners. You can read more about this here, but our goal is simple – to support our travel partners throughout this difficult period by mitigating the damage caused by COVID-19 and to ensure they are prepared and ready to thrive now that the Balearic Islands will be welcoming tourists from July onwards.

Please click here for full information, or click here to book your free campaign & support.

Already have enquiries? 

Searching, finding and sending villa options to your clients couldn’t be easier or quicker with Privadia. You can either contact your account manager directly or simply login and search for yourself via our custom-built Agency Portal.

We have also added over 50 new properties since the lockdown rules were implemented giving you access to a wide range of new, high-quality properties across Ibiza, Formentera and Mallorca.

Search options now

Back in business check-list 

For those Travel Partners that are already working with Privadia, there are all sorts of things we can be working on together in order to make the most of the remainder of the 2020 season.

  • Review and update your property inventory. We have listed over 30 new properties in recent weeks, let’s ensure you have access.
  • If you have not done already why not add our Mallorca portfolio? We can provide this at the touch of a button.
  • Schedule a Travel Partner Portal demo. We are introducing new features all the time. Now is a great time for a re-cap.
  • If you have a listings website why not integrate our property API feed. This saves manual uploads and allows you to sync our calendars, rates and new property listings.
  • Refresh your Ibiza and Mallorca marketing efforts. Work with ourselves and Invoke Media to jump-start your next marketing campaign.
  • Talk to us about our property referral scheme. Many agencies are making ancillary, residual revenue from this.
  • Schedule a catch-up call with your account manager. We’re here to assist as much as we can.

2020 Rate Reductions 

Understandably we are already seeing a significant number of rate reductions coming onto the market and accessing this information for your valued clients couldn’t be easier. Simply log-in to our Agency Portal and click the ‘only show rate reductions’ filter and hey presto, you can see all the villas that are offering reduced rates for your chosen dates.

Login now to access our latest rate reductions.

Let’s do this! 

Safe to say we are pretty excited now that the 2020 summer holidays can still go ahead. Our entire team is on hand to help you maximise the remainder of the season. Let’s do this!

Team Privadia! X

Written by Privadia

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